Tuesday, November 10, 2009



Oh my god..swine flu is attacking Purdue...everyone is sick...including..my roomate!!!! Well..not really has swine flu..it's just she's sick for almost a week already and she has been quarantine..

SO..I've have to move to another temporary room for awhile..until she gets better..and the worse part is she still goes everywhere without her mask when she's suppose to be quarantine..She just miss all her classes..

And I've taken some picture of my temporary room but most of my stuff are still in my room, so I'll upload the picture as soon as I can get back to my room..and also as soon as I'm free..haha..

And finally..to everyone who's sick..get well soon and hope it's not swine flu..^^

Monday, November 2, 2009

To minor or not..

Just met my advisor..She asked me whether I want to minor in Management or not since most of the student majoring in Actuarial Science also minor in Management..but the problem is I have too many credit hours..I was like 'what the hell'..

She say in Purdue, to minor..I have to complete most of the minor courses here..not transfer..so if I really want to minor in management, I'll have to retake all of the courses like Accounting I and II, Microecons and stuff..basically I've already done all the management requirement it's just that whether to add one little title on the graduate certificate saying 'Minor in Management'..I dont think I'll retake the subject again..

Besides, if I really want to minor, Psychology definitely is my first choice..and to minor in psychology, I'll have to take 4 more courses on psychology..hmm..should I minor in Psychology??If I'm minoring in psychology, I'll have to start taking it next semester, and I've already plan 15 credit hours classes..Can I cope with 18 credit hours???Planned to work next semester..getting poor..>.<

Saturday, October 31, 2009


This is my ROOM!!!!Guess which side is mine..>.<

just wanna say that I'll try my best to post some picture here..dont trust facebook anymore so I dont dare to post picture anymore..but still I feel like letting you know how's my life..so..wait for me..haha..

Everything is too late..

Well, it's my 3rd month in US now..less homesick..getting used to the enviroment..accepting the fact that I'm now staying in a Kampung..no car, no house, no shopping mall, no nothing..>.<

Was kinda angry of myself. Wonder why did I choose this stupid place. Was warned that this is a kampung but still I insist to come here..for what?? Should have apply to Santa Barbara..at least in Calirnonia..at least it's nearer to everyone..

But everything is too late..I'm here now and it's my own decision to come here..no one to blame..

3rd month here, not really having lots of fun..have some laugh when having lunch or dinner but not really fun..which reminds me, I dint really laugh happily since form 3...what happen??what happen to the silly girl who will laugh crazily no matter what happen..who make everyone else laugh too..where is the happy girl??why is everything so different now??

I miss the feeling of laughing..I miss you..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Finally in US!!!!!! -day 1

Well everyone..I'm finally in the state..although I reach here about a week ago but I have to time updating my blog..

In less than one week, I've actually been to lots of places..My first stop here in the state is San Francisco..which is unexpectedly COLD..An hour before we arrive San Francisco International Airport, we heard that the local temperature is 18 degree..and at that time, I have no idea how 'cold' is 18 degree..so, when we're about to reach, they say the local temperature is 16 degree..it's even colder..and when we reach, it's local time 8pm but it's totally bright out there..it turn dark only when it's 9pm..although I know summer has longer day time but still, we're still quite amazed when we first saw it..

Then after unloading our stuff at my uncle's house, we went out for a late dinner..how late it is? erm..I think it's almost 11pm when we finish eating..After that, we went back to the house and bath and sleep..again..haha..>.<

Monday, July 6, 2009

Time with Family

Well..oh my god..I can't believe it..I don't really have much time left with my family..I've been spending lots and lots of time with my family during this holiday..

I can say that I've never spend so much time with them before..In primary school, I don't really like my family so I don't really enjoy spending time with them..I just remember crying over my friend's shoulder complaining how much I hate this family..well, I was small..

Then during secondary school, because of the classes, extra-curriculum activities and tuitions, I don't really have time staying at home..I can really say that I spend more time with my math teacher than my dad..sounds weird but it's real..

During first year in college, spend lots and lots of time with friends..always stay in college, laughing and also jamming on the way back home..And now, there's on 20++ days left for me to spend with them..I don't wanna miss anything with them by any chance so I always stays at home..And by doing so, I'm not close to my friends anymore..except ECGK, our relationship never change although we seldom meet up..that's a good thing..^^

Anyway, through all these days staying at home..talking to my family..gossiping family stuff..I found that they are actually more fun than I thought..I never had such a great time with them before..I guess I'm really gonna miss them a lot when I'm over there..

p/s: Now I fell more like a member in this family because I know A LOTS of things that is suppose to be secret in my family..and I LOVE secrets..haha..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Not at Home!!!

Finally..after staying in front of the computer for the whole week, I can finally leave my house..

Last Wednesday night, thanks to Erin, I'm manage to watch Transfomer : Revenge of the Fallen..The movie starts at 9pm and Erin who was so danm excited came to fetch me at 7.30pm..Then we went to Kai Xuan's house and he fetch Erin, Jing Ping and me to Leisure Mall..by the time we manage to park our car and walk into Leisure Mall, It's already 8.30pm..so we bought ourselves some drinks and popcorn and we went into the cinema..just to mention, Erin bought the ticket that day at 2pm so our seat was on the second row and also on the side..so basically I can't really watch clearly..The movie was nice and funny..I'm so going to watch it again..haha..After the movie it was already 12am, we went to Steven's Corner for Jing Ping's late dinner..and not to mention, Erin ate 2 plates of MagieMee Goreng and 2 glass of Milo Ice..I felt like vomiting when I'm watching her..>.<>

The next day, supposedly Erin and I plan to go clubbing that night but in the end we dint go..as for the reason.I have no idea..But I'm also very tired that day..

Yesterday, my dad, my cousin and I went to Sunway Pyramid together..we were planning to watch Transformer but the ticket was sold out so we just walk around, see if there's anything that we need..we're also searching for the Adidas sport shoe that my dad want but it seems like it's out of stock..we went into every sport shop but there's no sign of the shoe..Then I went in to Calvin Klein and bought myself a jeans which cost RM300..and it's already 50% discounted..so expensive..then we went in to Padini Concept Shop..my dad kept looking for long sleeve shirt for me..in the end I bought 6 shirt plus my dad's 2 basic tee adding up to me RM300 also with 30% discount..I think that's all for me to shop..no more clothes for me..the only thing for me to buy now is luggage bag..the rest..I'm so going to buy over there..haha..

Then today, early in the morning, I went to pick up Chi Yin and we went to Sunway Pyramid..this time is to sell the Sunway Lagoon ticket I'm having..I'm manage to sell at the price of RM42 per ticket..and poor Bao Yi..although the person is willing to buy the ticket at the price of Rm45 but she's too obvious and the worker and the gurad there came over her and warn her not to sell there..so in the end she will have to keep it to herself and go to Lagoon with Andrew..After that, we went to Sunway College to meet Sean who's having a performance there..at first we thought it's free but it's not..we paid Rm8 just to watch Sean perform 5 songs..but we have fun gossipping..haha..Then we went to The Gardens to have our lunch..and this time Andrew's here..they are actually a very sweet couple..I have fun teasing them..haha..If Bao Yi is not going to US, I think they can last quite long..Best wishes to them..^^
Love ya..